Dogs Trust – Paws the VAT

Developing a social media campaign to rally dog owners.

We supported the agency Catsnake to deliver creative concepts, copy and design assets for Dogs Trust’s #PawsTheVAT campaign. 

The campaign aimed to generate support for the charity’s petition to temporarily remove VAT on pet essentials, in light of a 51% increase in the cost of dog food annually and the cost of living crisis.

Together we developed a clear creative with two key focuses: drawing attention to the  luxury items that did not attract 20% VAT, and the endless value that dogs add to our lives. 

We translated the creative into messaging, social and ad copy and visual assets for the charity’s various platforms. The campaign resulted in 106,000 people signing the petition urging the Government to #PawsTheVAT on vet services, including medicines, and pet food. 

Paws the VAT social examples